Special Post: Top 10 Reasons Why Men Will Not Commit

There is no need for an introduction on this topic. Lets get to it.

1. Price of sex has dropped – It used to be that women would hold back sex until marriage. Not no more. Sex is in abundance. Having casual sex is as common as shaking someone’s hand.
2. Multiple partners – There are a lot of men out there who just like having sex with many types of women. Variety is key.
3. Fear of cash for clunkers – Alimony, unconstitutional ransom paid to ex- spouse
4. No social pressure – Women tend to have social pressure to get married. Men don’t.
5. Female baggage – Many women bring emotional scars from previous relationships into current ones. From multiple children to baby daddy drama, many men just don’t want to deal with these things.
6. Financial pressure – Not secure in his career. Doesn’t feel he can take on the financial responsibility of a wife and maybe kids. No matter how much money the woman may make, the man is always blamed when things go wrong. Men are always expected to be a good provider.
7. Negativity – All the images, movies, songs, etc about marriage and commitment seem to be all negative. Why commit?
8. Past breakup – Has not gotten over all the drama from a previous breakup. Does not want to be hurt again.
9. Love Jones – Has feelings for another woman.
10. You are not the one – Many women today just don’t give men a good enough reason to settle down with them. There seems to be a lot of pressure and intimidation by women. This won’t work.


  1. Melissa Miles says:

    I see all of the above in many men. The one don’t except and find it more of an excuse is #5. Female Baggage. I have met many men with more baggage than you could imagine. Society looks at only women as the ones with the baggage. While a man may have children of a previous marriage, women are more respectful and mature in handling this type of issue. Also, a lot of men do not have jobs and end up relying on the woman, the natural caretaker and should not take on a man’s debt but does to make him happy. Ladies stop doing this!! Then there are men who bring the emotional scars into the marriage and everything is all about them and their poor pity selves. Gee guys, grow up!!

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