Just Do Me Baby! (The 90 Day Rule)

Lately I have encountered conversations, questions, and situations involving The 90 Day Rule. For those who don’t know, The 90 Day Rule is a rule that some women have that in its simplest form says that she will not engage in sexual intercourse with a man before knowing or dating him for 90 days. A lot of women today love to ask themselves questions that really don’t have a correct answer. For example, “At what point in a relationship is the right time to have sex?” The answer is that it depends on the people involved. I hope that helps.

To all my male readers, I have said this many times and I will say it again. Women love sex just as much as men if not more. Rules like this are ridiculous. Most women with The 90 Day Rule already know if  they are going to sleep with you within the first 30 seconds of meeting you. Some claim they want romance. Some claim they want you to earn it. Whatever. Women are complex creatures. Sometimes their minds work in ways that don’t really make sense. For example. I live in Las Vegas and meet many women. It is not unusual for me to meet a woman who presents herself in a “wholesome” way and then within 5 minutes, she is ready to jump my “bone”. Go figure.

All you men out there who are being presented with The 90 Day Rule need to ignore it. It should go thru one ear and out the other. If a woman feels that strongly about not having sex with you, then move on. There is no need for any man who is worth a damn to ever engage in these kind of conversations with women in a real situation. Once she starts controlling you with sex, she will have all the POWER. You can’t let that happen. If you are displaying all the characteristics most women are attracted to (confidence, sense of  humor,  be a challenge, make her feel safe), you will get more sex than you can handle.


  1. men just think about sex :(

  2. i must totally disagree with this post. i have not been an angel my whole life, and i absolutely friggin love, foreplay, sex, etc both passionate and wild and raw; however, i have decided to wait for the right guy because it is a thousand times better being intimate with someone who is one the same wavelength, shares alot of the same passions in life, and to connect in a powerful way..other than just physical. if this is the case, i have a fab imagination, and i can take care of all that myself. it has nothing to do with power or anything else..it has to do with wanting to wait for the twin flame…you know the eternal love. i appreciate ur opinion, but there are actually some of us left who are still worth the chase :)

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