Is It Possible To HATE Someone And Have “Off The Charts” Sex With Them At The Same Time?

There are men and women who can hate each other at first and go on to like each other followed by great, mind blowing sex. On the other hand, there are couples who start out having great sex and then go on to hate each other. But here is the ultimate question? Can you hate someone and have unbelievable sex with them at the same time?

For men, this is easy. We are such visual creatures that having sex with a woman we cant stand is a very easy thing to do. Take the ultimate alpha male. He is a strong confident leader who happens to be in one of his “player” stages. He has got to have sex no matter what. It doesn’t matter if she is stuck up, a bitch, or someone he wouldn’t take home to mama. If she causes the anaconda to rise and is willing and able, game over.


For women, it is a little different. Most women claim to hate JERKs (Just Expecting Respect Kid). A jerk’s most successful moment with women will come during an emotional breakdown she may be experiencing.   For example, she is going through some emotional issues, getting over a breakup etc. This is where the sexually aggressive jerk will thrive. The funny thing is even though she claims to hate him, she will keep coming back for more.

How many of you are currently having awesome sex with someone you cant stand?

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