How Long Should A Man Wait Before He Calls A Woman?

The biggest reason dating is so screwed up is because of all the does and don’ts that are ingrained in the minds of so many men and women. One of the most prominent is… how soon should a man call a woman after initially meeting her? Now the reason for this rule is to allow women to weed out men who are considered to be needy or a little bit too eager. I have heard a man should wait anywhere from 3 to 5 days after meeting a woman before calling her. Now it is funny how many women actually subscribe to this kind of thinking. On the other hand, a lot of women love to complain that men don’t call at all. So what happens is you have a screwed up situation where if you call too early you are bad and if you call too late you are bad. I am going to settle this right now. So how long should you wait to call a woman?

You should call a woman when you have something to say. It doesn’t matter if it is 3 hours or 3 weeks later. Lets face it, some men don’t know how to carry on a conversation with women period. It doesn’t matter when he calls, he can still come across as needy and a wussy. Can you call a woman hours after meeting her? Yes. For example, lets say you meet a woman tonight. You feel she has potential. You talk for a few minutes. During the conversation, you find out she likes jazz. You exchange numbers and go your separate ways. Later that night, you find out that there is a jazz event going on the next day that you weren’t aware of. You decide to go. Guess who you should call to join you? That’s right. The woman you met earlier in the evening. Here is how the conversation should go. “Hi, this is Neil. I met you a few hours ago. Earlier you told me how much you loved jazz. Hey, I know this is short notice and I wasn’t sure if you were aware of this, but I just found out that there is a jazz event tomorrow at 7pm at The Hotel. I have already rearranged my schedule to attend. Since you love jazz just as much as I do, you should  join me tomorrow evening  for some drinks, stimulating conversation with some  great jazz music in the background. Will you be able to rearrange your schedule to  attend?” It doesn’t matter if she goes or not.

So please tell me. Does this sound like a needy man?


  1. I think that first you should send a text asking the lady if it is ok to call her, because its good to pick a time when you are both relaxed and ready to chat. Then I think it is good to phone as soon as possible because how can you know if you can get on if you dont talk? Text and emails are not enough to find out, because most of the communication which goes on between people is body language, tone and intonation of speech. You cant do that in a text even if you have all the emoticons in the world!

  2. Just call. Honestly, as a woman, I felt like an outsider for not understanding why it has to be complicated. Call to meet up or any communications. Just keep it short and simple. The reason why you go on a date the first place is to get to know each other better anyway. If she doesn’t like being called and she felt it was too forward, then she’s being picky and it seems high maintenance. Just relax, if you want to go, go. if not, then no.

  3. Orlando says:

    I don’t think it sounds needy at all. He is polite and articulate with his approach, and he sounds like a classy guy. Unfortunately, many women view this as “needy”. He also seems like a “nice guy”, which also translates as boring to many women. Incidentally, these are the same women who end up complaining about no good men being available.

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